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I have recently switched from asking God for more work to asking for better paying work.  Although the clear subtext of all my work-related requests is to make more $, God seems to be somewhat literal in giving me what I ask for rather than what I might more generally want;  this is perfectly reasonable, since although He can read my mind there’s all sorts of junk rattling around in there and He shouldn’t have to sort through and analyze it as well as fulfilling my requests.  It’s my responsibility to think it through, figure out exactly what I want, and ask for it clearly, and when I realized that in giving me exactly what I’d asked for God had provided me with so much work that I had no time for my LIFE without making enough more $ to justify my schedule I started asking for the smarter work pattern.

Today I was at the office of someone I was going to do one of the higher-paying jobs I’d recently been offered for, and a man who was also there to work sat next to me, we struck up a conversation…  and he gave me contact info for TWO other companies that are currently tossing out lots of $ for my kind of jobs.

Coincidence?  Not a chance.

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Good news

I joined the forum.  Although it’s one where you’d expect a low % of believers, the first person to greet me WAS a hardcore religious type;  this doesn’t feel accidental, it feels like verification that God guided me there.  In another thread, the greeter said:

“As for hell, I believe that is is merely a complete absence of God”


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Good news and bad

The good news is that, although no new jobs came today, a substantial payment for something I did long enough ago to have given up hope (because not all people were getting paid, just the chosen ones) did show up.

The bad news is that my friendship site buddy has vanished;  his profile is suddenly “not available,” and deletion is the only reason I can imagine for that.  I can’t even guess what would cause someone who’s just getting involved to delete their account;  his other friend is still there, although I wonder if I should expect her to vanish too now, as they seem to have done this together.

I wonder if this is a gentle hint to get going on that forum I was led to;  I’ll head there now and register.

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More $

God came through again today;  2 new high-$ work offers.  He also provided me with something I’d always wanted on a smokin’ sale;  nothing else there was on that big of a sale, and it just seems beyond coincidence that the one thing I wanted was on sale for so much less than usual, especially an item that seems too popular to ever go on a sale that major.  He continues to amaze me.

Edit 11-18:  I came across this post and was going out of my mind trying to remember what the item was;  sometimes I’m TOO obscure in the interests of no one I know being able to get any good search terms to find me. I asked God to help me figure out what it was.  He did, much to my gratitude.  He guided me to look at financial records to spot the purchase on 4-21.

It was a SHIRT.  One with battery-powered special effects.  It’s the coolest EVER.  The amazing thing was not just the extreme sale on this item but that I’d just gotten gift cards to that site.  Not a coincidence;  it IS still available at that price, but I’m positive I’d seen it at full price at various times before so the timing still counts.

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Fast work

Yesterday, I started being more specific about the work I asked God for;  I asked for higher per-hour work so that I could justify blowing off a few low-paying offers, and thus get to bed at a decent time, and maybe have an hour a day where I wasn’t working, just for the sake of sanity.  When I got up today, I had a VERY well-paying offer waiting for me;  He works FAST!!!!  I was actually laughing out loud in my pleasure and amazement.  I’m grateful beyond words for His continued efforts on my behalf.

My new friend said in a message yesterday, after doing his own research on a Biblical concept that I’d brought up:

“thanks for being an inspiration, God is using you”

And, in response to my puzzlement as to why I’m being, as my title says, Bizarrely Blessed, he gave this reassuring reply:

“none of us deserves the blessings God pours on us”

There’s no doubt in my mind that this man was sent to me by God in response to my requests, and my need to talk to someone about Him.

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A movie of note

The movie is based on a King novel;  he’s my all-time fave, and I avoid those movies as a rule because they’re usually so bad.  Tonight, I had the urge to watch one.  The book it’s based on is one I haven’t read in 15 years;  I had zero conscious memory of the plot.  It turns out that there’s a boy in the story with a special relationship with God, one who God gives info to and answers the prayers of.  That felt potentially meaningful…  or did my subconscious just remember that and thus the urge to watch?  I don’t know.  The boy says at one point that he asks God for things in the AM and thanks Him in the PM, which I also do (in addition to asking or thanking throughout the day as stuff happens or things occur to me);  is that in the book, or is it purely a movie line?  I don’t know.

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On 3-18, I posted about Psalm 51:10, the first quote God ever led me to.  I wanted to send it to the first new friend I’ve made, so I did a Google search…  and the 1st result for some reason (well, I know the reason) was for 51:10-12, which is even better, and resonated strongly with me, and is reproduced below:

Psalm 51:10-12 (NIV)

10 Create in me a pure heart, O God,
and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

11 Do not cast me from your presence
or take your Holy Spirit from me.

12 Restore to me the joy of your salvation
and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.

I looked up some more, and this felt like…  my path being laid out, maybe:

Psalm 51:13-17 (NIV)

13 Then I will teach transgressors your ways,
    so that sinners will turn back to you.
14 Deliver me from the guilt of bloodshed, O God,
    you who are God my Savior,
    and my tongue will sing of your righteousness.
15 Open my lips, Lord,
    and my mouth will declare your praise.
16 You do not delight in sacrifice, or I would bring it;
    you do not take pleasure in burnt offerings.
17 My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit;
    a broken and contrite heart
    you, God, will not despise.

My roommate is certainly a “transgressor,” a non-believer, and many times I’ve thought that it might be part of God’s plan for me to bring him into the light…  

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