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He had already altered how my flawed brain works sufficiently to significantly improve my quality of life, and I mean a radical change that occurred instantly when I asked for His help;  that’s not the sort of thing even the most religious types claim to experience for the most part, which is why I see myself as “Bizarrely Blessed.”

The more recent improvement is in my equally flawed physical functioning;  I asked Him for help with one of the areas I’m lacking in, and a few weeks later I was given a gift, from a total stranger under circumstances too odd to be believable if you don’t know me well enough to trust my honesty, and this gift has already allowed me to make solid progress with more to come.

WHY ME?  I’d give much to know why I’m the recipient of so many kinds of Divine assistance;  I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, but it’s almost unnerving to be the focus of God’s attention with no visible reason… is it a test?  Tests can be failed.  I entreat Him to not let me fail Him;  I hope that that prayer is one of the ones He answers.

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