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Here are the events that took me from lifelong unbeliever to devotee of God:

11-10-09 (approx): Due to massive stress and some terrible events, I was crumbling emotionally, and my lifelong habit of coping and figuring things out by talking out loud somehow morphed into the idea that I was talking TO someone.

11-15-09: On the verge of emotional collapse, I did what my most religious friend has always done;  when I went to bed that night, I asked God to handle it for me.

11-16-09: I woke up with a massive and wildly atypical sense of peace, and several religious-themed “coincidences” right after I got up made it clear that God had in fact appeared… or else I was going nuts (I had that worry for the first month or so, which isn’t uncommon early in a conversion).

12-2-09: I was led by a very odd occurrence to one of the many archive pages of my old blog, which it turns out contained a very old post in which I described a dream in which I’d spoken to God, and speculated how it’d feel if I discovered there really was a God.  I was pretty sure that it was God and not a mental breakdown that I was experiencing at this point.

12-9-09: I was very stressed and anxious, and I asked God to make me calm.  He did, and I mean the level of those feelings dropped rapidly to zero and stayed there.  This was the day, I think, that I fully accepted that God was real and acting in my life;  this was beyond what could be explained by wishful thinking or coincidence.

Later: After I went to bed and thanked Him for His assistance, God spoke to me for the first time.  2 words appeared in my head, apropos of nothing I was thinking about, but clearly connected to my prior assertion to Him that I’d do whatever He wanted in return for the help He was giving me;  “religious blog.”  The meaning was clear.

There’s more, which I’ll add as time permits.

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